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Welcome to Bonnie Blue Farm!

Home of Dry Creek Hollow & Bonnie Blue Farm Dairy Goats


Award Winning Farmstead Goat Cheeses!

Thanks for visiting - there will be a lot more of us joining the herd starting end of Jan. 2015!

Thanks for visiting - there will be a lot more of us joining the herd starting end of Jan. 2015!

Kidding time is exciting, hectic and stressful - filled with anticipation about future milking does, what their kids will be like and seeing if the planned breedings produce what we want. There is one thing for sure - the does will kid when they are ready despite our wishes.

We produce farmstead cheeses from the milk produced by our herd of Nubian and Saanen dairy goats and our prized Jersey cow, Eileen. Dairy life requires endless work and attention to detail to achieve quality results in the finished cheeses. Everything matters - from the water the animals drink to the hay and pasture they consume to the strict routine of milking and cooling the milk culminating in the utmost attention and care in cheesemaking and aging process. The awards and accolades received from chefs, judges and customers are the true rewards.
A short news video about us recently aired on Channel 2 News in Nashville:

 Tsunami Restaurant Parking Lot
282 S. Cooper, Memphis, TN
Saturday Feb. 14 & 28  9am-1pm
Goat & Cow Cheeses, farm eggs, goat & creamline cow milk
Every Saturday morning April - Nov.
Tennessee Farmers' Market with all growers and producers!
Come try for yourself - our cheese is so delicious!
Where: Central Station, S. Front Street at GE Patterson in the Historic South Main District, Downtown Memphis.
Also buy our cheese at
Mooney's Market & Emporium, Monteagle, TN

Our past e-newsletters can be assessed in the archive section

Jim and Gayle Tanner with wine and cheese

America's Heartland PBS series started off its' fifth season with a story about us. Read the text and watch the video: America's Heartland Bonnie Blue Farm

Bonnie Blue Farm Featured in The Tennessee Magazine!

Aging Well - The Tennessee Magazine

Click on link above to see the great article and wonderful pictures in the July 2010 issue!

(click above) 

A lap full of kids
Jim selling cheese at the Franklin Farmers' Market

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce magazine wrote an article about Bonnie Blue Farm - The Cure for Retirement. Click here to read about our 'retirement'.


A lap full of kids

Jim takes a break to enjoy the new life that arrives regularly on our farm. These two kids are from Xcaliber and Washoe.

Resource for Local Food

Resource for Local Food
Our friend Lisa (and new goat owner) has put together a great resource for anyone in Middle Tennessee seeking out the freshest, ripest and most flavorful seasonal offerings. Best of all it's grown locally! Copies can be picked up all over mid TN with the on-line version available here. Local Table Enjoy the bounty each season has to offer!

Farm Entrance

Farm Entrance


Bonnie Blue Farm Cheese Studio

Bonnie Blue Farm Cheese Studio

Bonnie Blue Farm - Grade A Goat Dairy

In April of 2006 we became the only licensed Grade A goat dairy in Tennessee . We worked for two and a half years constructing and equipping the dairy building; milk parlor, milk room, holding pens, bathroom, and a herdsman's apartment. Then the cheese studio was built, equipped and completed. We were inspected by the Tennessee Dept. of Agriculture and cheesemaking began.

Our dairy herd consists of Nubian and Saanen dairy goats. We participate in American Dairy Goat Association programs for milk production through Dairy Herd Improvement and type via Linear Appraisal. The data from these programs guide us in making breeding choices and selection of replacement stock.

The does are fed free choice alfalfa hay from a local grower. They receive a dairy goat grain ration in the milking parlor and we go for daily walks through the surrounding fields and woods. This gives the goats and the herdsman ample exercise and time to observe the changing scenery and browse which coincides with the seasons. The milk produced is truly the essence of our land.

The milk from the dairy herd is made into various types of fresh and aged cheeses. We offer farm tours for a fee and there is a log cabin available for guests who want a quiet getaway or to experience life on a working dairy.

Nubian Bucks

We have three Nubian bucks which bring together genetics from several blood lines: Copper Hill, Oak Gold, Misty Knoll's and Kastdemur's with a sprinkling of others contributing. Plus we have many more to choose from through the use of artificial insemination. Nubians are known for high butterfat and combining that with the high producing genetics from sons or sires of Top Ten does will hopefully produce a long lived, superior dairy goat.

Saanen Bucks

Our Saanen bucks come from American stock.  We use as much artificial insemination as possible using Saanen bloodlines chosen because of their use in two well-known herds: Redwood Hill/Companeros and des Ruhigestelle.

Nubian Does

Our herd was exclusively Nubians in the beginning and we have used many lines over the years. Consistency of well attached udders and long lactations are a challenge in the Nubian breed. We have daughters of outstanding bucks like Desert Acres Crown Diplomat, (Crown Ambassador son), Oak Gold Beau Blaiser (Trailblaiser son), Reghers Alginon's Beaujolais (Breakaway half brother), Copper Hill Breakawy's Blazer and Copper Hill O'Boy

Saanen Does

In 1999 we purchased our first Saanen from Redwood Hill and although Lightning is no longer with us many of the female progeny from her three daughters are still here. We didn't have a Saanen buck so artificial insemination was how we bred Lightning. Using bucks to increase the butterfat and protein without giving up the high production the Saanen breed is known for, has been our goal. We have tried to recreate some of the genetics of Redwood Hill, whom we admire.

Goat Milk Cheese for Sale

Our agri-tourism and cheese business have been very well received. Many printed articles, feature films, radio and TV segments about us have introduced our cheese to many customers. We've entered many cheese competitions placing well with several different cheeses. Some of the best exposure has been at the farmers' markets. The movement of buying locally produced, safe, natural and healthy food makes our cheese in high demand. We sell at the Memphis Farmers' Market and Chattanooga Market. Our cheese is available at several Nashville stores or on the farm but call first (931) 722-GOAT (4628) to be sure we have what you want.

Follow this link for more information on where to buy our goat cheese.

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Bonnie Blue Farm

Jim & Gayle Tanner
Waynesboro, TN
931-722-GOAT (4628) 


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