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Goat Cheese Order Form

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Front l-r logs: Italian Herb, Rosemary/Garlic, Plain, Southwest   right side tubs: front Plain back Garlic/Chive back: Feta marinated and Feta plain


Goat Milk Cheese

This page has our goat milk cheeses, with pictures, descriptions and prices. At the bottom of the page is an order form. If you would like to place an order, please fill out the form, and we will email you with an invoice that includes methods of payment and shipping costs. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us (or put them in the comments).

Fresh Chèvre

Fresh Chèvre
Smooth and creamy, great for snacking, mixed into pasta, on baked potatoes or on salads - this is the type of cheese many recipes recommend.

Plain, lightly salted - 5 oz.

Very versatile - from appetizers to desserts
 -- $6.00

Plain, lightly salted - 16 oz.

One pound of cheese - freezes well, thaw in refrigerator
 -- $18.00

Garlic & Chive - 5 oz.

2006 First Place Winner at the American Dairy Goat Association Cheese Competition
5 oz. -- $6.00

Garlic & Chive - 16 oz.

Larger size for parties or true garlic lovers
16 oz. -- $18.00

Fresh Chèvre Logs

Fresh Chèvre Logs
This cheese is a little drier than the fresh tubs but when served at room temperature it is very easy to spread. Cold slices may be cut, breaded and quickly broiled and served on a fresh salad.

Plain Chèvre

Lightly salted
4 oz -- $4.50

Italian Herb Chèvre

Rolled in a special blend of dried herbs
4 oz -- $4.50


Rolled in a special mix of herbs and spices
4 oz -- $4.50


Chèvre with a little kick of smokey chipotle with herbs and spices
4 oz -- $4.50


Softer and creamier than traditional feta. Molded in 1 lb. +/- wheels and brined for at least two weeks. The longer in brine the better the flavor. This was the cheese demonstrated at the Culinary Institute of America, St. Helena, CA for Instructor Chef Lars Kronmark and is served at the Watermark Restaurant, Nashville by Chef Joe Shaw. Truly delicious!

Feta Cheese

Keeps well especially if stored in brine.
4 oz -- $4.50

Marinated Feta

Marinated Feta
Our feta cut into cubes and packed into jars with Italian herbs, sun-dried tomatoes and bathed in extra virgin olive oil. The cheese is excellent on salads and the oil is infused with the flavor of the cheese - use it in vinaigrettes or for dipping fresh, crusty bread. Cheese is best stored in the oil but must be refrigerated. Bring to room temperature to allow oil to liquify.

Jar of Marinated Feta

4 oz. of cheese in an 8 oz. jar
 -- $8.00

Jar of Marinated Feta

9 oz. of cheese in a 16 oz. jar
 -- $15.00

Goat Milk Cheese Order Form



Fresh Chèvre Plain, lightly salted - 5 oz.
Fresh Chèvre Plain, lightly salted - 16 oz.
Fresh Chèvre Garlic & Chive - 5 oz.
5 oz. 6.00
Fresh Chèvre Garlic & Chive - 16 oz.
16 oz. 18.00
Fresh Chèvre Logs Plain Chèvre
4 oz 4.50
Fresh Chèvre Logs Italian Herb Chèvre
4 oz 4.50
Fresh Chèvre Logs Rosemary/Garlic
4 oz 4.50
Fresh Chèvre Logs Southwest
4 oz 4.50
Feta Feta Cheese
4 oz 4.50
Marinated Feta Jar of Marinated Feta
Marinated Feta Jar of Marinated Feta
First Name
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Payment Type

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